What to Expect During Your Newborn Photo Session

If this is your first time looking for a newborn photographer (congrats btw!) you may be curious about what to expect during your newborn photo session.

In this post, we’ll go over a few things you can expect!

At our Seattle studio, we prioritize your baby and their safety above all else. We follow your baby’s lead, taking breaks when needed, and work at their pace to capture images you’ll cherish (our second priority) by creating artistic scenes, bold and timeless, highlighting their natural beauty and innocence.

As we follow baby’s lead, we won’t be able to follow a strict plan, nor promise specific poses or setups. But no matter what we will get many beautiful images unique to you.

A resulting image from the behind-the-scenes image above!

You’ve probably seen posed newborn photos in the past, but as the parent sitting and watching, it can be surprising how different it looks from the sidelines vs. the final image!

Sometimes the pose or setup can even look a little odd or like a bit of a mess from every angle but the one angle we take the photo from. You can trust us though that the final image will be fabulous!

There may be some poses you are hoping for, like froggy. (Below) And we will make every attempt to get your favorite pose!

Keep in mind, that while we will do our best to get a variety of poses, not all poses will be comfortable or possible for your newborn. We’ll work with their natural movements and prioritize their abilities and safety over any pose. Some babies are less flexible than others, and the age of your baby will play a role in their ability to pose, as well as how well they sleep.

Baby sleeping well during the session is key to posing! When babies wake up they are more likely to move, which is a danger to them, and they are more likely to become grumpy or irritated with the process as it is not part of their normal routine.

We will also try to capture some eyes open shots with facial expressions at a good opportunity during the session.

If your baby is awake and/or fussy for a period of time during the session, we will need to swaddle and wrap baby in my luxe fabric wraps and pose differently than if they were asleep. These setups are very beautiful and will often help your baby get to sleep.

A well-fed baby is a happy baby, and we know that newborns need to eat frequently. During the session, we may need to pause and feed your baby more than usual to keep them content and sleepy.

A newborn photography session typically takes around 3 hours or so. This may seem like a long time, but we want to make sure that we capture as many beautiful moments as possible, while also not rushing baby, which may cause them to fuss and limit the poses we can achieve.

Some fussiness is normal: It’s normal for babies to fuss during the session, especially when they’re being posed in certain positions. We’ll go slow and work with your baby’s natural movements and try to keep them comfortable throughout the session.

At our studio, we have a variety of props and backgrounds to choose from, and we’ll work with you to create a customized session that reflects your style and preferences for things such as color scheme to go with your home’s decor. From simple and natural to more elaborate and bold, we’ll create a session that you’ll love and cherish for years to come.

If you’re in need of a Seattle newborn photographer, I’d be thrilled to care for you and your family with top notch service. Call me at 206-485-2525 to secure your due date right away and together we’ll capture these fleeting and most precious moments of your newborn’s first few weeks of life.

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