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My name is Allyne.

Q: Are you vaccinated against COVID-19?

A: Yes, I am fully vaccinated! I also plan to get boosters as they become available.

Q: Do you have other COVID-19 safety precautions in place?
A: Absolutely! In the studio I have two HEPA-13 air filtration devices running, a tight fitting N-95 mask for myself, a UV-C wand I use to sterilize items that cannot be washed normally, Lysol wipes, and hand sanitizer.
For now, when at the studio, I request all clients not being photographed at the moment keep a mask on while in the studio.

Q: What about outside?
A: Always I want to take my clients' needs into consideration. Generally though: when outdoors I will continue to wear a cloth mask for much of the time. And since I am vaccinated, if actively hiking up a trail I would likely not wear a mask, but maintain a distance from clients as needed. 

Q: Are you Insured?
A: Yes I am! I have liability and indemnity.

Q: Are you a licensed business owner?
A: Yes, I am licensed with the WSDOR.

Q: Do you take different forms of payment?
A: I take almost all forms of payment. Cash, credit card (in person too), PayPal, etc... and in many cases check.

Q: Do you take precautions when working with babies and young children?
A: Absolutely! There must always be a spotter and someone to help with young children if they could accidentally injure the newborn. I have gloves and masks available as well as hand sanitizer. For newborns, the room will be kept warm. Always, babies will be handled with great care. 


I’m a maternity, baby and family photographer based in West Seattle. Born and raised in Washington state, I enjoy exploring this beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest throughout all seasons and I love incorporating that into my work.

 Photography has always been a part of my life, when I was little I enjoyed using disposable cameras to capture images of the things I loved. Later on, my dad had me practicing with his film camera and that’s when my hobby started to grow into something more.

My passion has come to be creating timeless images. Capturing that uniquely-you family moment, making mamas look as amazing as they are, and the challenge of getting sweet new babies perfectly posed and seeing the success!

 My favorite images to capture are the natural ones, the in-between moments with a hint of motion that really brings a level of intrigue to the viewer. Journalistic and candid style shots are my game! Look through my portfolio and you will find thoughtful portraits full of color and contrast.

​As for my art, CascadiaRocks Arts, sketching was also always a fun pastime, but only recently did it really blossom and become something exciting to share. Again, contrast is key to my artistic style and I go for a realistic yet artistic look.

Our family dog Eclissi is the smartest sweetest good ol' girl you ever did see!
I love taking pics of dogs too!

Banana Nicecream is kinda amazing... and one of my favorite treats! Just freeze some bananas... and blend in a highpower blender!

While sleep is sort of a higher priority lately, I love my telescopes and finding those faint fuzzies in the night sky!

One family tradition is camping! For many years that meant September blue tarp camping here in Washington. We still go nearly every year!

I love drumming and making music with my friends and family. Music will always be close to my heart!

I love plants and flowers, and all those birds and hummingbirds out there amongst them. Peonies are my favorite!

Some fun facts



Just right

Elegance, "epicness", simplicity. These are the soul of my work! And they work hand in hand. 
I strive for simplicity, with less being more. While at the same time, trying to strike the balance, incorporating just the right amount of unique, human, and beautifying elements. Bringing that wow factor.


Grace and GLOW

Along the same lines of elegance and "epicness", I gravitate toward something more graceful and genuine! I live for creating fine art - high quality images.
And I may get a little too excited about glow...



Nothing better than catching those real honest moments and just having a good time! 

My style & Things I LOVE


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